Monday, February 24, 2014

Vintage steampunk Mannequin dress form

I have been having the funnest time making my mannequins to sell....
I have not made any in a while....they are addicting.
This is a medium size mannequin....made from Tim Holtz fabric.
It measures: 14 1/2" high...8" wide. 
My mom used to call me tiddlemouse.
It has a has a dyed cheesecloth tie around the waist, a buckle on the cheesecloth belt, a gear near the bottom, pins, more gears, Huge rusty wire wings, a wool heart with safety pin at the top, a brown spool of thread, and a brass/black stand. You can use this for you sewing supplies or to display your jewelry.  
I kinda hope it doesn't I can just keep it.
As if I need another pincushion. 
I attached the thread....with a can be replaced later when it is all used up.
It is hard to see, but I aged the brass stand with some cool black metal patina stuff.
There are mini, medium, large, Santa, and witch. 
  I found the wire ...there is no is a one of a kind.
My daughter and I sometimes go hunting around for rusty items by the railroad tracks.
It is pretty close to us and it is like treasure hunting.
By the way....there is a fun new show called "Thrift hunters" on Spike TV......It is so much fun,
but I warn will want to go thrift shopping right after watching the show.

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  1. Hi Shirley- I've purchased your mannequin pattern a few years ago and made some pinkeeps ... I love it! And I love this one also ... NICE!!!

  2. Thanks Sandy! I would love to see your pinkeeps!