Saturday, January 31, 2015

Celebrating BFF's!

Have you ever had a friend....that no matter how long you haven't seen her....the minute you get is like you saw each other yesterday?
How about a friend that listens to all your griping and then makes you feel great!
Or what about that friend that never tells your secrets?
Let's celebrate BFF's! 
I had a blast decorating this clear frame...from Deflecto.
First I dolled up this old fashioned photo...on a free photo editing app.
I added text "Best Friends Forever", a Polaroid looking border and a title "Betty & Lizzy 1945".
This frame is clear and it unscrews so you can add a photo...then it screws back securely. Very chic!
I then wrapped one side and the bottom area with bakers 2 different shade of pink.

I tied up a bow....and inserted this little chenille stem heart. 
You just take half of a chenille bump stem...these are at hobby lobby.
and fold both ends inward to make a heart shape.
You can insert the hearts into the bakers twine.
(If you want can twist the ends of the chenille stem or glue with a drop of glue from a hot glue gun.) 
It is an easy way to dress up this frame for Valentine's day.
This would make a great gift for your BFF.
Take a photo of you and your BFF and make it black and white with the photo editor.
You can even add overlays to make the photo look old.

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