Friday, January 16, 2015

V is for Vegetables

This week's freebie is "V is for Vegetables"
Remember ...these would be sweet to stitch up in a kids quilt or on lil pillows.  For earlier letters in this series...go back to my past Friday posts. Fun to color as well. Copy and save.
Next week will be: "W is for ____"
Be the first to guess the correct answer to what "w" could stand for ....and you will get a sweet prize.  
I warn you...."W" is a very hard one to guess right.  
Just make your guess in the comment section of this blog post.
One guess per person to make it fair! 


I found this tiny tip in a magazine from 1930....the year my mom was born....85 years ago. 
I was her baby...She had me late...she was 38 years old.
When I had my baby 17 years mom died 20 days was if I got my new BFF as my other BBF was leaving.

I like this tip...I think it is still useful!

that I put together!!
they all have one thing in common...
Have a fun and fab weekend!

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  1. Hi Suze, I'm sorry, but it is not Wings :( Thanks for guessing.

  2. I know, I know ~ only one guess . . . w for wind? But I also want to say w for whale . . . which one should I choose? Help, please!

  3. Hi it is not wheel barrel...but that is a good guess considering how unusual the "W" is this week.

  4. I can't stand not guessing...W for water? Thanks for the vegetables!

  5. Hi Kathleen, good guess....but it is not right...sorry:(