Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hope and Harmony- My surface pattern collection

I am very happy to have completed 10 designs....that can be used to make fabric, product licensing, wallpaper...etc...
I have been learning Adobe Illustrator....and have been practicing and practicing to get it all down.
I am calling this collection Hope and Harmony.....a little corny....but I like

I drew everything and made the repeating patterns on all of them. 
It is really an addicting process....every time I made a different design...I was higher than the moon! 
Some designs were from simple doodles and some were alot more complicated. 
Some designs are meant for the "Star" design to is like having supporting actors or extras in a movie....they make the "Star" better in the movie. 
This one is alot pinker in my adobe me anyway.
I love me some PINK! 
You can scale this designs...making the elements larger or cool. 
I am going to spend this month making lots more repeating patterns! 
Ohhh....I like this one above alot! 
Makes me want Spring so bad.....It will come....gotta be patient. 
This is the "Star" design and so is the same one in Green version. 
I put them in collages too...just to get an idea....I am sure I will grow more and more as I go along. 
I did some Halloween designs earlier....I need to work on them some more.
Sometimes it seems like there is not enough time for it all...
I like to do it all
Anyone else learning surface pattern design?
Let me know by commenting...I would love to see your work!

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