Wednesday, January 21, 2015

From drawings to finished products

I wanted to show you a little bit about my process for designing today.
Maybe it will inspire you to design too!
Above is a drawing I made into my sketch book.
I used a stabilo black.  It doesn't erase...but the feeling of drawing with one is amazing.
They are at Art stores.
The shading is awesome.
So then I painted the bunny on a small block of wood that my husband cut out for me.
I sanded it and then layered papers and paint.
After the painting was done...I scanned it into my computer.
I took these high resolution images and used Adobe illustrator to make these cool Happy Birthday tags. So now I can use my artwork for embroidery, selling prints of the painting, and selling the tags in a digital download sheet!
I like to get a lot out of art. 
Above is my "Sweets for the sweet" pattern.....which came from a drawing....a simple drawing on an ATC card.  I also watercolored the sketch.  So now this image is in my embroidery pattern and can be made into tags or prints.

Here is my "Boo door hanger" first was a black and white drawing on an ATC card....I painted it and scanned it for more uses....but I decided to enlarge it and make it into this very popular pattern design. 
My Bee kind pillow....this design was a small sketch....I chose embroidery floss colors, stitched it up, aged it and gave it depth and then made it into this sweet pillow.  
Here I took a sketch from a drawing book...cleaned it up...redrew it.....and embroidered it up.
I made this Patriotic pillow last bright and fun.
Sometimes simple drawings can become a lovely embroidery.
 is more important 
than knowledge

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