Monday, January 12, 2015

Making art using pinks & blues

I was goofing around this weekend....just playing.
I usually think I should be doing productive things...but I gave myself a break from that nonsense.
I had fun with blues and pinks. 
Pink is fun to make a gals her pink and just go with it.
I am using my art markers I got from goodwill. 
Hearts and squiggles....I love the Marie Antoinetter blue color. 
The craft stores have fun blank bookmarks that are fun to play with. 
These are really simple...but fun.... 
I had a wood ATC card I covered with a piece of old ledger paper....
then made the same flowers on it like the others. 
This is my naughty/evil pink haired girl...not sure if I like her...but not everything you make needs to be a winner. 
I just like letting loose. 
My new set of tags are made from one peice of art I made....just changed up into sweet valentine tags.
These tags are perfect for your Valentine home decor, as gift tags, and to hang ....they are just plain fun!
I drew and painted the girl image with sweet bleeding hearts... to make these tags....they are my own design. There are 8 tags and a small heart on one sheet. 
I added ribbon and glitter!
Love... Be Mine....
Simple and sweet!
Here is a sneaky peak of my next pattern....
Coming soon!
I love Raggedy!!!

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