Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pretty color palettes

I love working with color palettes.
Here I took a watercolor painting I did ...years ago....and extracted some colors out of it....using Adobe Illustrator.
These colors can then be used in other projects. 
It is great when you really like a set of colors from something.

Here is an old valentine...scanned in and some of my favorite colors extracted out.
I like doing this since I usually get bogged down with the same color choices all the time.
I tend to use the same over and over ....when there are tons of colors out there.
Here is a picture my daughter took.
It has some lovely colors!!
I took out lots of colors for this one!
I have used these colors for many illustrator projects.
This would also be handy when painting too....not knowing what colors I would like....I could refer to this!
It is fun to just take any photo I have....that may have some great color...and getting this color group.
On adobe illustrator, there is this tool that is called an ink dropper.
You can fill a rectangle with the ink dropper having the ink dropper tool over any color in the photo you want.  It is like basically selecting colors...with just a click of the mouse.
Notice colors around you.
What colors do you use in projects?
What colors do you decorate with?
Sometimes going through old magazines...ripping out pics you like then noticing the you great insight.
I took this on a country drive last summer....I have spring fever bad!
I am thankful our winter has been pretty good though.
I am really looking forward to those signs of spring!

Don't quit your day dream!

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