Thursday, January 15, 2015

Colonial dolls & close ups

These are the sweetest colonial dolls....very vintage.
I love the details and the faces are priceless.
I love the innocent looks and the outfits are so cool.
They would be so cute colored with crayons!
Sometimes I like to take close ups of my projects...for better detail.
This is "Sweets for the sweet"....I suggest in my pattern to make it into this pillow....but you certainly don't have to ...this would be sweet framed. 
"It's time to be Valentines"....colors listed are only suggestions...sometimes it is fun to choose your own colors. 
I like to add glitz to embroidery by adding on this 
Lots of my patterns tell how to have a shaded effect...
Like this "You are sew special to me" pattern 
Even adding a hemp bow can add interest to a design...
Adding embellishments really add to your a banner, beads, and glitter trim...

Hope you create something fun today!

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