Monday, January 19, 2015

I have a dream...

I hope everyone had a fab MLK day.....and weekend!
This is my freebie design...that I altered a little to make it retro.
We had a lot of fun with one of my sisters coming to town and all.
I feel like I was going and going and I am a bit tired.

 I really really want spring to come...the sun did shine today and it felt great.
My quilt above always makes me feel "sunny".  
I welcome the sunshine into my office with open arms.

I saw this awesome vintage cross stitch design while at an antique store this weekend.
I would love to make my own version....gotta get sketching.
We saw "Into the woods"...pretty good.
I just love Meryl.....she is a great actress and singer!
I had to tell my sisters to shut up their big talk too loud!
We shopped, played games, talked about everything under the sun, went to the casino, watched tv.....went out to eat.....just had a really good time.

But I love my quiet cottage and my little family the best!  

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