Sunday, January 4, 2015

Working with doodles & illustration

I wanted to share what I have been having fun with lately.
I have been doodling and illustrating (in adobe illustrator).
I guess I am really practicing my skills and
Above is a repeat surface pattern design I made using my doodles and drawings.
These are screen shots of my computer....sort of a work space with art boards, but it is on the computer.   Sometimes I doodle on paper with pencil and then scan it into the computer to retrace my drawings.  I can color them on the computer and place them anywhere I want and change colors anytime too.
Here are vases of hearts....different colors and made to repeat over and over....for wallpaper or fabric
This shows a closeup of the vases on the computer.
This is the same design as the top picture...just using different background color.
Here I used the main flower in my repeat pattern above make this Valentine sign!
Now I can't get enough of what I learned....I can play with this all day, everyday!
so you know what I will be doing all winter long...working on my new found skills and making some pattern collections. 

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