Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Valentine floral surface pattern design

I have been working hard on learning adobe illustrator...getting all the techniques down.
It is very fun and exciting when a pattern design is put together....feels like a miracle.
One of the funnest parts is changing up the colors.....I really love that part.

Can you believe that this is the same pattern design....the color changes make everyone unique.

It is amazing to me how different they can be.
The backgrounds can be changed as well as the elements.
Basically I drew some hearts, flowers, and a stem with hearts.  I added some dots and leaves too.
I would never have thought to put some of these colors in these spots...but the program allows random changes and then you can save them.
This one reminds me of St. Patricks day.
I love this black reminds me of what a little Swiss girls dress might have on it.
Beautiful this soft.
Hot pink!  
Lavender and yellow....amazing.
I saved a lot more color combos....just showing these ones.
I will keep working on design...there is much more to learn.....but I have the basics down for sure.

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  1. These are fabulous. Thanks so much. Can't wait to c what you do next.