Sunday, February 1, 2015

Superbowl Sunday!

It's Superbowl Sunday once more
Gotta say....GO SEAHAWKS!
Above and below are some new pictures from my daughter Selina.
We live in Spokane Washington....home of Expo 74.
The smallest city to have ever hosted a world's fair!
This is the clock tower...a wonderful part of the riverfront park we have...a huge park right in our downtown...with roaring falls all over!
They lit up the clock tower with the Seahawks emblem.
We had to go at night and see it! 
She added special effects....all of these are in her Etsy shop...Peacock Gumdrop!
My daughter is a junior in high school, 17 years old.
We are always shocked however when we go out...they are always trying to put us in the bar section....I keep saying she is not old enough.  
This is perfect for the Seahawk fans out there. 
Also ...another huge site in the city is this extremely tall set of towers....which were colored with lights...for the seahawks. 
There are 12th man flags everywhere...people dressed form head to toe in Seahawks merchandise.

Like my
He has his shirt, hat and candy.

He loves his new shirt....and plans to buy more Superbowl gear after we win.

He was cracking jokes while I took this pic....I will not tell you what he said...bad boy!
Have a good Sunday and I hope you have matter what you do.

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  1. I just started following you last week because i loved your art...What a bonus to find out your a Seahawk fan! Plus I went to collage at EWU in Cheney and also have an artsy 17 year old daughter....Sooo glad I found you!!!
    Go Hawks!!!

  2. Wow Denise...we have alot in common! I also went to EWU! So cool.