Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Inspiring crafty & artsy books!

I love art, craft, and sewing books....I have quite the collection.
but I can't buy everything that hits my fancy...I would be soooo broke if I did.
I went to my library....and was in heaven!
I got myself a whole stack of goodies! 
Show your work is fab! 
It was recommended by Bonnie Christine in her surface pattern design class.
It was very I ordered the other book called Steal like an Artist. 
Here is a page from show your has lots of good advice. 
Here is one on illustrating...I just happened upon most of these books.
I did search up the "show your work" book and placed a hold.  You can search for any book at your local libraries.  I am lucky to live in a city that has lots of libraries and when you place a hold ...they will deliver it to your favorite library for you to pick up. 
This one is many great ideas for hoops....and you know I love hoops.
Garage sales and thrift stores are full of hoops....dirt cheap! 
Here is an inside page...showing how to use it to organize. 
I love how you can just check them out...and see if the book is up your alley or not.
Then you can buy your favorites to keep! 
This one is due sooner than the others since it is new...I better get reading it! 
It is full of full learning opportunities. 
I love Bari J...I was a guest stitcher on her blog a few years back! 
Yummy home projects featuring her fabric! 
I love what the ladies are ordinary clothes for them....they are cool!

One more thing...I had to show you my little pot of flowers on my desk....from Trader Joe's....I think it was 3 sweet.
I love seeing the cheerful purple flowers while I work.
The pot is a keeper too...a small wooden pot....which would be good holding paperclips later.
I know my flower won't last forever...usually somewhere down the road things croak on
I noticed stores have prim roses too...for 1.39!!  
Another good option when we all have Spring fever!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Hi Shirley, What a fun post :)
    Sometimes we forget the pleasures of going to the public library. This post is a great reminder. If our libraries are not used, they will fade into history and what a shame that would be. My daughter and granddaughters have a deep love for the library . . . so much that the librarians know them by name :) My oldest granddaughter would live there if she could, LOL.
    Have a lovely day going through your stack of books . . . they look like a dream come true for the creative and talented girl that you are.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  2. Thanks Connie!
    It is so much fun to let loose and put work aside for a little while. Hot chocolate and some looking through these books sounds like just the ticket!