Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine Kitty cat doll

I love working with felt and feels good.  So soft and cozy.
It is also very forgiving...easy to fix if you made a goof.
I particularly like to use up my scraps...I hoard them away like a squirrel.
I know its late for Valentine's...but I figure....better late than never (or next year!)

This is "Love U...Kitty cat pattern" #351
Isn't this the Cat's meow?  Celebrate Valentine's day with this sweet kitty cat doll... made from chenille stems, felt and wool. This project is easy, quick, and makes a great gift. It is also purrfect for your holiday decor!

I love to use chenille stems....especially the kind with the bumps.
This pattern is in my Etsy shop
and if you want a printed/mailed is on my website.
I used my old chocolate box for background decor...I love those boxes!

The kitty Cat measures: 6" tall from head to bottom
7 1/2" tall if including dangling legs
She doesn't have to be for Valentine's day....she could be made up in any color...holding something else.
I think her holding a banner between both hands would be super cute!
My husband wanted to know if I wanted to go out on Valentine's day for dinner or he would cook at home....I chose his wonderful Lasagna...he is a great cook...corn and red lobster cheese biscuits.
I will be in heaven and so will our daughter.
I just can't stand the crowds on these holidays....not my idea of fun.
Do you go out or stay in?
I am glad it is on Saturday this year!

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  1. I hoard scraps of felt too...I have boxes and boxes of them. I use them for Christmas stockings, pillows and little felt critters. As for Valentines...I work in a Floral shop...Need I say more. :)

  2. I bet you are soooo busy at work!! Have you seen the movie "Valentine's Day"? It is a fun of the characters own a florist shop....seemed like a super stressful time of year.