Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lucky charms & more!

I got a lot of random things to talk about today....
Lucky charms....they are magically delicious!
I just created this artwork...."Ask me about my lucky charms!" a pdf instant download.  This is so funny....great amongst your St. Patrick's day decor! I created the background art of my repeating surface designs.
I wanted to share what I won recently....a lovely set of potholders from Spittin Toad.  Please check out her blog and etsy shop.  The fabrics she used are just beautiful.  A Big thank you to Denise!
She re-painted a dresser and it is sooo darned is on her blog.
I just put a few finished items in my etsy shops...I can't keep everything!
I Hand painted her face...on the prettiest floral fabric. She has a small flower by her face. On the front side is a tag that says "laugh"....with pink seam binding bow and a small gold safety pin. She has some great white trim around her as well. She is weighted so she stand well.
Lil shelf tucks...with inspiring words.
These are small and sweet.
Another set of four...with different words or sayings.
My "Hope" mixed media painting in my art etsy shop.
I made this small artwork to inspire and give hope. It is a painting on wood. I took papers and paint and collaged them all together. There is a crown and hearts....swirls and bright colors of all shades of pink. The sides are painted black. It measures : 3" x 4". 
Swoon...another small mixed media painting on canvas,
I love the sentiment that comes from this one small word!
Hippity Hoppity.....
This is a prim Easter wicker hanger....I made this a few years ago. I used one of my wonderful old photos...of a pretty lady...gave her glittery bunny ears. She is inside a wicker heart shaped basket that has a prim rusty wire hanger. There is lot of moss and small flowers in the moss. It also has a small cheesecloth tie on the hanger. This measures:5 1/2" wide, 7 1/4" including wire hanger.
Lastly is Froy ....Born to be wild!
Cat's always look funny when their nose gets close to the camera!
I thought he might give you a laugh.

I need a laugh today...sometimes life just throws a few punches and you have to deal with it.
I pulled out my gratitude journal.....and re read all I listed in the past that I am grateful for....already made me feel better!!

Come to Thrifty Thurday!  Come to the Pin me Linky Party!  Come to the link party palooza!  Come to the Party Bunch!

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