Monday, February 2, 2015

All things Irish...

It's that time of the year....that I start thinking ... All things Irish.
I really love the color green. 
I painted some of the walls in my house a sage green....light.
It seems to look good with any decor or holiday that comes up.
I have lots of patterns, collage sheets, flash cards, signs and projects to celebrate
St. Patrick's day....I really love the holiday.
I am Irish...but I know a lot of people who are Irish for the day.
I have quite the collection of Irish decor....things I have picked up through the years and then all my stuff I created. The mouse embroidery above is one of my most popular designs.
Easter is April 5th this year!
Seems early!
The badges above are fun for a party or going out on St Patricks day. 
I love to keep busy at night when watching TV....embroidery is always my choice, since
it is easy to get out and work on it.
Right now I am stitching a fairy....she is quite the cutie!
She will be a pattern soon.
I am also taking an online painting class....from Tim Sally called "Permission to play".
I think it is important to learn and classes are so fun and convenient.
If you have never tried one...I encourage you to find one (an artist you love or designer) and plunge into it!
These classes are usually inexpensive and affordable.
Lots of artists have created these classes and they share their knowledge and techniques.

Come to Thrifty Thursday!  Come to the Party Bunch!

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