Monday, February 9, 2015

A thrifting we will go....

I had a terrific time this weekend thrifting with some fun friends!
We hit many thrift stores and an antique store....ate at the milk bottle restaurant and then went to one of our homes to craft...chit chat and eat brownies!  It was very fun!
I wanted to show you my goodies I got.  Above is a cute fake bird feeder...over a foot tall...$1.99. 
This is a large pink mirror with handy this...4.99

Really heavy bird feeder...2.99
We went to many shops over the course of the day.

This is the two women antique stores lovely.

So darned valentiney...loved it

They have a great knack for displaying 
I got a queenly old valentine
My favorite thing is this kid's magazine from 1934. 
These are some of the fun pages inside. 
The drawings are so sweet and tender 
I just love these guys....terrific! 
You can't go wrong with paper dolls! 
Goody goody 
This was a whole quarter....a vintage book on solitaire...
perfect for mixed media art. 
Tulle in pinks and green...I always can use tulle. 
yay...Halloween fabric! 
An old America book...1915 
I love this statue of liberty print inside. 
I am very patriotic. 
Pretty music...I could take pic after picture to show you....
I better just stop and finish by saying....we set up another date to all get together for more thrifting!


  1. You got some really cool stuff~ I really like that metal bird feeder; so pretty!

  2. what great cheap finds.Were I live those items would be more then 100% more. Here they think everything is vintage. I also stay in on Valeentine's. Wish My
    Hubby cooked. 🙋