Friday, May 23, 2014

Have your cake....and eat it too

Yummy cake.....birthday cake!
I still think it is nicer and cheaper to make a cake rather than buy one at the grocery store.
The only time I buy a cake is when a lot of people are coming....and I need a big one.
I made a cake last weekend and everyone ate it up!

I just wanted to share a few things with you.
This is a new sign in my etsy shop....I love you dad.  Just need to be able to say how you feel?
Makes the perfect gift for Father's day or when baby is born and there is a new daddy in the family.
Looks great hung up in the man cave.

This is kinda hard to see...but this is my little herb garden just outside my studio door. 
It was a worn out end was outside getting weathered...the top fell out. My daughter painted it last year and now we stapled some chicken wire and moss in the bottom.
I added dirt and planted my little cute! 
It is right next to my blue chair. 
It is one of the best antique shows in the country...I was in it for several years.....crazy good sales!
People would be in line to get into your booth...they had to get there first.
It was such a good glad I did it!
I can't do everything though, so I decided to concentrate on patterns and artwork.
Above are some of the posters when I was in the show....I have it hung in my studio!
It took me months to make cool items and then sell almost everything in a weekend.
I love being a shopper however (I can always carve out time to shop!)
There is only one bad thing about the show.....
it is soooooo crowded....that I get alittle nutty.
I will have to practice my slipping around people skills!

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