Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Painting Cutesy Poo

Yesterday I painted.....in my cutesy poo way!
I love making things happy, bright, and cheerful!

I worked on a lot of things at once.

I first drew designs in my sketch book... thanks goodness.
Because when sat down to paint and my brain went....duhhh.
I knew it was time to open my sketch book and see what I have been drawing....it then made my brain click into gear.

These are not done....works in progress.

I love my characters to hold flowers and balloons.

Pink hair...yes please!
She will wear pink and be proud.

Happy Birthday bunny,...present in pocket...he is prepared.

I love butterflies....my cat used to catch them...made me so mad, but she was only hunting I guess.

Mouse in strawberries.....my hint on my newest pattern design...is strawberries!
And it isn't an embroidery design either....stay tuned!

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