Saturday, May 3, 2014

Meet Marilyn !

Let me introduce you to my pal Marilyn Gossett!
She is just the sweetest, most friendly, talented, creative, and prettiest lady ever!
She is a Designer("She will try almost anything"),
Author(40 plus how to books),
 and Consultant (CraZy TACKz and close to my heart)!

Marilyn designs and handcrafts original projects to enhance people's lives, celebrations, and special occasions.
She has a wonderful husband named Jamie and a beautiful daughter named Lauren Ashley!

Let me tell you how we know each other.....
She found one of my designs on pinterest and decided to look at my her surprise she found that we have a lot of similarities!
  • We both design for a living....
  • we both have one daughter...
  • we both decided to stay home with our child....
  • we both have very supportive husbands...
  • we both have the same birthday too!
  • We both live in the Pacific northwest
  • Family is very important to us!

She reached out to me via email....and we have been getting to know each other ever since.  We share stories, advice, what's new, and always have a few laughs.

Let me tell you alittle about what she does...
Shabby Chic Bookmark Favors (can also be used as plant decor)

She has created with Sticks sticks....and OMG...the Halloween ones are my favorite!

Create this snow burst for your Christmas Decor!
Lovely display of snowflakes!

She knows so much about crafting...
She has designed and has been published in lots of books. Over 40!!!
I bet you have some of her craft books from the past in your collection...I do!
Marilyn Gossett Designs  Pretty & Playful Paper Mache  Copyright 2000 HOTP  Have you seen these big stacking boxes at your Craft Warehouse Store?  This is what you do with them.
 Some designs are just classic!
Chantilly papers, March Workshop
So very Pretty!
KIT to make 6 Christmas Tag/Ornaments by stuffandthingsandco, $15.00
Love these sweeties....who wouldn't want these on a package or on your tree?

Tag/Ornaments - October goodies!
Ok...I am always attracted to Halloween!

Ribbon & CraZy TACKz..Hook up jewelry on a decorated wooden frame with ribbon rosettes and Crazy TACKz!
She does product development with CraZy TACKz
Bloomin' Jewelry Caddys  Hook it up with Decorator CIY CraZy   TACKz
Love these cheerful colors and how useful the crazytacks are....hanging necklaces would be my first use!
Smoothfoam snowmen vignette with Smoothfoam and Sticky Sticks Snowflake wall decor
She designs for these snowmen!
Thanksgiving turkey decoration made with Smoothfoam
Cute turkey...this would look great on your mantle !
Spring Birds Smoothfoam
Adorable birds!

As you can see...she has done alot....
And I have a lot more to tell you about her.

I will continue the post tomorrow!
There will be much much more!

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