Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Country drives....still fun

Yesterday we rode around the countryside ....hitting small and tiny towns outside of Spokane.
We enjoyed Rosalia ....it had lots of photo opportunities.
Here is my daughter Selina....with a Greek goddess painter...she has a palette and paint brush.
She will soon have her new pictures up....including the creepiest old abandoned church....we were kinda scared! 
It felt like a ghost could have gotten us.
I love this...near the town main street.
It has a big flag in the rock.
I wish I could reveal more, but my daughter will be making cool prints of our adventures.
Summer is almost here.....some say summer begins right after Memorial day. 
This is a brand new sign in my etsy shop....simple and sweet.
The color is an orange and light orange/yellow.....feels warm like summer.
Summer Time FLASH CARDS - PDF u print vintage like 16 altered scrapbooking baseball beach camping vacation garden digital primitive paper
These are just some of the summer items in my Etsy shop.
Summer time flash cards
They are fun to put out among shells on shelves....in scrapbooking pages....and on a barbecue table display.
I am so excited to be sitting under the patio and relaxing....feeling warm instead of freezing.
I just need to keep the darned Prairie dogs away.
Old Summer & Funny Tags 2 pdf sheets-  U Print Collage art fun vintage photos primitive digital beach margarita chips baby sayings
Summery Tags...that crack me up!
Bee kind embroidery PDF Pattern - stitchery wise true primitive pillow bed flower pin cushion shelf tuck
Sweet bee...
Bee happy Raggedy Ann doll with bee
Bee Happy Raggedy Gal Quilt  Pattern - Doll amy butler fabric Pdf anne ann primitive prim
She is a sweetie.  Every time I bring her to a quilt show...everyone wants to buy her.
My next pattern has to do with strawberries....should be out tomorrow!
How beautiful a day can be
when kindness touches it!

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