Monday, May 19, 2014

Oh how things have changed...

On May 19th 1536, Queen Anne Boleyn was beheaded in the Tower of London after being found guilty of treason and adultery. That was 478 years ago.
Oh how the world has changed.
Especially for Women!
Funny how Henry could cheat everyday....but when you want rid of a wife....just accuse her of cheating and other erroneous charges.
And it is done.
It would be so awful to die for no reason.
The trials were a joke.
I am quick to remind my daughter that women have only gotten certain rights in the last hundred years....and only in some countries....not the whole world.
When I think of Anne Boleyn...I think of a women that was different than others....strong willed,
wanting power, using some charm and dare her!  lol
آن بولين
She will forever be in history!

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