Friday, May 16, 2014

Astrology embroideries- Capricorn - Virgo

Here we are...Friday again!
Time goes by so darned fast.
Here are the rest of the zodiac designs.
My daughter is Virgo and one of my sisters is Pisces.
These are pretty cute, sure to please everyone.
Here it is may get even bigger if you click on the image.
Today I am looking forward to my Pisces sister coming for a visit....
she requested my husbands potato salad (which is always soooo delicious)
and we are going to have polish sausage with cream cheese and grilled onions.....baked beans, yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  All the bad for ya stuff.
In the evening a fire in the fire pit in our backyard...roasting marshmallows.
Then on Saturday is the armed forces Lilac parade...a huge parade in our is always fun.
Have fun this weekend!
Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy Marshmallows which are kinda the same thing.

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