Friday, July 11, 2014

Welcome to my studio!

I am so glad you are here and I have been meaning to show you my studio for a long time.
I am a clutter you will see that this studio has lots of junk in it and I don't have fabric folded neatly and stuff is everywhere....but I LOVE it! 
Above is my blue chair and herb garden right by the door to the studio.
The studio is a building next to my house....that used to be a paint and body shop.
This was the dirtiest, ugly...boy building ever!
I girled it up!
This shot is from the door coming in.....there is another door on the opposite end.
Click on the pics to see them closer.
I have stations for everything....since this is a working studio....stuff has to get done!

Here is my mailing counter and down the side is my videos and music (very important!)
I cover storage areas under the counter with I don't have to see boxes, wrapping, bubble wrap and more.

By the door is my photo taking area...a light box and props.
Every time I need nice pics for a pattern cover...this is my life saver.
Good Photos always sell the pattern. 
I am showing you the witch from last direct light makes great pics.

These are funny props I keep close by

These are my flowers and holiday props ....essential for photos

My computers and printer...I spend a huge amount of time here.
I store extra stuff under tables....fabric from thrift stores.

This metal shade hangs by my desk....I put all my favorite postcards there

I love my computer!

Some important things.....dictionary, sayings books, eraser, thread and needle....and wite out!

My old computer gets used too

Remotes for everything and papers

I stash stuff everywhere...lil artworks, tissues, and my mannequin

I love my mailing makes sending product so easy.

I am a hoarder!  Don't tell that show about me.

Tapes, paper hole punches and labels
I have ribbons for wrapping...strings of every kind.
Most of my stash comes from thrifts store....including tables, and shelves.
It is the thrill of the hunt!

Halloween stuff ...that I need to sell....there is never enough time in the day!

This light cabinet has come with me to all kinds of show!
It is so handy

I am keeping extra patterns in it.

QUILT is a little Gracie frame with a simplicity quilting machine
It quilts up to a queen is nice when designing quilts and wallhangings.

Right now I put my collection of lil quilts on it.
Behind the polka dot curtain is another room....a huge storage area.

 This cute doll looks after the place when I am not around...she looks like she is in charge.
I love my old mom was a speedster at typing...

This is behind the mailing counter....a place to put all my masses of papers.

Trying to keep my artwork from being crinkled

This is the table at the very center of the of my favorite areas.
It is for painting, collage, glittering, drawing and having lots of fun.

I like to organize supplies in containers from this basket for colored pencils and markers.

This pink shelf has many tiers.
Great for all kinds of goodies.

I have lots of stamps and ink pads

This old letter keeps tags to use in all kinds of projects.

Lots of my old a wonderful piece from Lynne Perrella (the Mary)

Look at all my scissors

I like to keep my artwork around and lots mod podge, paint brushes, and varnishes.

Glitter in a caddy....paintbrushes in a glass

More paint brushes in an old thrift store vase.

You can never have too many pencils!

Acrylic paint one of those cheap rolling carts

This is my 5 dollar cubby is huge!
It was an awful army green

I like to fill cubby holes....with needle felted eggs and my cat pincushion

I also fill it with small paintings.

The Halloween items is a huge hat I made and there is a prim bunny and a shabby chic party hat.

I like to clip projects to this wire ....from ikea.
Notice Ashley Wilkes from gone with the wind photo....near bottom....hunk!

This is not a cute jewelry solder section....I put pliers in an old ink pad stand.

This is looking from my cricut cutter over to my computer

Here is where the sewing magic happens!

Love my ironing board

I know...I have lots of clutter.....I can't help it!
I love threads and buttons

My 12 month heart quilt with farm chick poster...when I was a vendor.

This is the center again by the painting table.

Yarns in shopping carts!!!!

Cool dangly lights ....this is from sewing area.

Cutting table I got from my wall in the back made from white insulation boards.

I do not like folding and fabric...I kind of sort fold
I also pick up hoops dirt cheap at thrift store...good for framing embroidery.

My design board...gotta work on this stuff! 

This is the far area where the other door is....we left the garage door from the body shop...built a window and door...and then I just close the garage door to secure everything.

Massive book shelves with book and mags...I am hooked to all the Somerset magazines
That is something I spend money on....worth it!

Party streamers are fun to craft with!

Yarns and strings...I don't crochet or knit.....but I use these constantly in sewing, making tags, packaging, and collages.

This is behind the paint table....lots of doo dads

I get a kick out of collecting this junk....I mean stuff.

Peanuts have to be here ....cause they are so adorable...the cat picture is my beloved cat passed.

Pom poms!
My daughter says if I buy anymore she is going to toss them.

I finally organized my books and mags.
They are grouped in themes now.

My favorites

Mr own design...never made it into a pattern though....with thread!

My raggedy with coloring books.....they are so fun...brings back the child in me.

My glasses from the farm chicks...soldered pendants and my bleeding heart girl.

Glitter in an old syrup pourer.

My ornament chandelier...I still love it.
I had more pics...but I think I went nuts putting on this many!
Thanks for stopping by and seeing my studio...
now I have Halloween patterns to finish....kinda hard when it is so hot!

 Please look around my blog...I have lots of freebies, 3 etsy stores (patterns and signs, finished goods and artwork), tutorials,  lots of ideas, and much more!!!

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Lots of people sharing their creative spaces.
A big thanks to Karen Valentine for hosting this wonderful party!

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  1. I sure could craft in your studio! I love all your doo dads!!

  2. Thanks April!
    Its full of clutter...but somehow I know where everything is! :)

  3. I Love your Girled Up Boy Building! *Smiles* I too am a clutterbug so it's probably just as well this Blog Party Share of my Creative Space just happened to fall not long after I'd done a complete Makeover of my Creative Space so it actually looked Organized and semi-clean! *LOL* Creativity can be messy business and that is why we tend to Love our Creative Spaces set apart from our Living Spaces... so that we can Create with abandon and not have to pick up and keep everything tidy which often interferes with the Creative Process. I like to be able to leave my Creations In Process just as they are so that when I have time to get back to them, the flow isn't so interrupted. I like to call my Style 'Organized Chaos'! *winks* Thanks for Sharing your Amazing Space and some of your Adorable Creations... Love them too!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Hi Shirley,

    Wow, you sure have a wonderful space to craft in - so big too. It looks like a craft store :-) I love your mom's old typewriter. Some day I will find one too. Your precious Sally looks so adorable (she will always be in your heart). Thank you for sharing your doo-dads with us. So many pretties to see.

  5. WOW!!! We are like minds.. I love all your different spaces. It looks like a craft store. I am a clutter bug too.. hehe... But I wouldn't have it any other way. Your studio is so BIG... I know I could create beautiful art in your AMAZING space. You are very talented...

  6. Love it all, so many possibilities. That metal lamp shade is perfect for holding treasures.
    Thx for sharing.

  7. Can I come over? I would love to just look thru everything. What a fantastic space and great stuff. I LOve stuff!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I could spend hours even days just looking. It's beautiful

  9. I love your space! I love how you took a 'guy' space and 'girled' it up!
    You are so blessed to have such a beautiful space. I love it detached from the house and the little garden. I would love to see it. I was blessed to have a little apartment behind one of our houses that I turned into my space. I was such fun. Thanks for sharing yours!

  10. Oh THAT'S a great craft room~!! BUILDING I mean! I would love to have all that room designated for ME!! : )
    Love the sewing area and the yummy quilts! your dress form is soooo pretty!!!
    I think i would get lost in there poking my nose in all your drawers and corners looking at all the pretties!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your awesome space!!

  11. What a great space to create in. I am getting all kinds of ideas from your space such as hiding my shipping supplies. That is always a pain. You have definitely girlied up this old body shop. I wish I had that much space. Thank you for inviting us in. I am Janet from Graceful Rose.

  12. WOW!!! so much to see...awesome place!! and so big!! Lucky lady:):) Thanks for sharing

  13. Ok we are having sewing/craft night at your house!!!!! Wow girl!!! Glad Miss Fancy pants Annie is not causing any mischief, thanks for putting her in your pictures!!! Last pics I saw of your studio was in the basement so this is pretty frickin amazing!!!

  14. Oh my gosh Shirley!! You are so blessed to have such a huge room to play in!!! I can also see that it doesnt how big our studios are... we always manage to fill them up!!! LOL! So many wonderful goodies to look at!!! Thank you so much for being a part of this tour!! I loved my visit!!!

  15. Well, the first word that came to mind at the second photo was WOW!

    What a great space to spread out and create... so much room and you've organized it so well with stations for all your different talents. Who wouldn't want to play in there? I know I would! Thank you for sharing with us - so glad to have found you through Karen's party.

  16. OH I love it! How lucky to have a separate space and so big! I love all the "stuff" you have collected! I love to collect too but have be super organized to make sure it's going to fit because of my space limitations!

  17. WoW Shirley, what a huge studio!!! You are one lucky lady! Love your clutter, so many amazing treasures!
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Sorry for the loss of your beloved Sally, was she a Maine Coon? She was a beauty! Your studio is amazing, I could live there and never be bored. You have so many fun supplies to chose from, I don't know how you decide what to do! I am going to be back and check out your whole site and your Etsy shop as well as soon as I visit the rest of the stops on Karen's WBC tour! Thanks for sharing your lovely space with all of us.

  19. so much to look at . . . wonderful supplies . . . and all that workspace.

    I love it all!

  20. Wowza, I envy all that space and it looks like such a fun place to work! Thank you for sharing.

  21. I don't know what to say except Wow!, Shirley ~ your studio is amazing! I would love to just spend a weekend checking out each area and watching you at work. You've got some wonderful artwork, dolls and other items ~ it is major eye candy looking through your pictures!

  22. What a fab collection! More like a shop!!
    Thanks for the chance to visit.

  23. I LOVE how much SPACE you have to play! And if we were all honest, our spaces are usually a little on the scattered side, because we play in them! Off to explore the rest of your blog! Hugs!

  24. Wow, your space is wonderful & huge! It looks like a quaint craft store ♥

  25. Wow what a wonderful space, its huge!! I love your sweet typewriter, I must get one of those, and the silver stand with three tiers is just divine. Thanks so much for sharing your studio with us. Karen.x

  26. Well, you say it's cluttered and I say it looks like it's very well organized clutter. lol! Us gals just gotta have our stuff! Your space is huge and you have really got it so it works well. Lots of fun items, but my favs are the lampshade holding postcards, the brushes in the vintage vase, and the glitter in the syrup bottle. I have been looking for some of those syrup bottles, but have yet to run across even one. lol! Hopped over from Karen's party. Really enjoyed the tour!

  27. You're a woman after my own heart. My room is in the basement as well and I have things crammed every where. Isn't it great to go on the hunt for the special item for your room? I love yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets to find what I need for my room. I need to come back when I have more time and look at these pics again. I found so many ideas I could use. TFS!

  28. Hard to believe that all of this loveliness was once a paint and body shop! Love, love, love!! Thanks for sharing.

  29. What a fantastic playground you have! I love all the happy colors, textures, and variety of supplies. Your paintings are just darling. Thank you for sharing your happy place.

  30. Great use of space with the different 'rooms' ~ and I love all the personal touches!

  31. Hi Shirley, it is great to meet you. I enjoyed my tour of your creative space, it is huge and I'm sure that you have spent many, many, many, many wonderful creative hours in your studio. It is fabulous! I'll be traveling through your lovely city tomorrow on my way to Silver-wood. My daughter and granddaughters have talked me into it . . . I'm sure it will take me at least a day or two to recuperate afterward, LOL.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  32. WOW Shirley - it looks like a store! haha. Great pics! Thanks! I've been on the hunt for those skeins of silk ribbon for months! Wish I could just pick them off your picture! :)

  33. Oh my gosh! You have so much SPACE! At first, I thought the pictures were from your favorite craft store! Lucky girl... you did a great job 'girling' it up! Just a lovely, creative environment! Nice to stop by. Hope you'll visit me too!
    xoxo Chris

  34. So much inspiration here! Thank you for teaching me about the light box. I googled how to make one. Love your mailing station too. There's so much to love here! Thanks for sharing so many pictures!

  35. You sure de-greased and girlied up that space really well! And what a great roo you have, ton of space and lots of great work areas to make things on. I really like how you used the old lamp shade for displaying card on it, super idea!!! And I just have to ask, but whats the Funky Junk one? Love the colours of it!

  36. I absolutely love all the fabulous organization and various stations and the size! Very inspiring!

    Cathy ♥

  37. Wow! This looks way more fun than a paint and body shop! You have so many great supplies to drool over too--thanks for the fun tour!

  38. Whoa! I think I've died and gone to creative heaven. You have so many cool things to play with. I'd want to hang out there every day. I had to laugh when I saw the photo of Leslie Howard in the midst of all your creative supplies and goodies. Love that! I'm a new follower, having come here from Karen's party. So nice to "meet" you. ~ Nancy

  39. I love all your different stations for creating!! A woman after my own heart for sure! I think being a studio, your studio is a much better use of this building ;) Romeo agreed with me just before disappearing. Said he was off on an adventure. Oh dear. I apologize ahead of time for anything that he displaces. When you see him, please tell him that he needs to go visit the other studios. If you don't he might just stay with you for a few days. He loves to rumble through stuff, looking for a place to nap. Just saying.... Thanks for the tour! Great studio!

  40. Stations are good! It's like a craft carnival in there. Love it!

  41. My jaw just dropped lol What an amazing studio with plenty of room for all those beautiful supplies! I loved all your displays, specially the pastel ones! They are sooo pretty! Congratulations on such outstanding craft room Shirley! :)

  42. Amazing Studio! I am a little late getting around, but I have not done in order. I just keep skipping around. I love your space, particularly your mailing center and your photography station. So great to have enough room to keep things like that set up all the time. Anyway, it is all a visual treat. Thanks so much for the tour.
    Gwen from A Glitch in Time and O-Deer