Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The wicked witch....

Yay...I have another Halloween pattern completed.
It is: Wicked Witch Hat, wall hanger #333.
It is in my etsy shop, patternmart, and my website (printed/mailed patterns)
Celebrate Halloween in vintage style! Make this large witch hat wall hanger from simple supplies....so easy too. Artwork for witches and tags included....plus extras! (see 3rd photo)
Write your own message on a tag or your family name! All techniques, pattern pieces, collage sheet and instructions included.
Hat measures:16 1/2" wide x 15" tall. 
It comes with this cool collage sheet....you could use them for other projects too!
This will be a great craft show seller, perfect for your Halloween decor, and is awesome on your door.
I will also be making some fun pumpkin dolls patterns...and much more ....very soon.

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