Sunday, July 6, 2014

Christmas projects for July

It is a scorcher outside I went right back inside next to the air conditioner.
I am very thankful for the things we have!
I thought I might make some Christmas projects.
Here are some of my patterns from the past!
Wish upon a snowflake is above.

These embroidered Christmas ornaments will be featured in the Somerset holidays issue coming out later this year!

They are simple yet sweet....I stitched them in blues, pinks and greens for a soft look.

This is a real quickie...and just framed in the hoop I used to stitch it.

These frost fellows make kids smile....

I gave them a shabby chic look....but they would also be adorable in traditional colors.

I love bunnies....they are not just for

The fun wintertime wool pattern was in the keepsake quilting catalog when it first came out....I was so happy about that.

This is the second one I did.....I like the angel a lot.

This is the second pattern I ever made.  Easy embroidery and acrylic painting....painting it on like I would color with crayons....not hard at all.

I loved this is near and dear to my heart.   I loved stitching it all up and making a cohesive quilt and pillow.

My french country burlap ornaments....very popular.

But so are the glitter retro ones too.  Crazy bright felt...reminds me of my childhood.

Needle felted designs and wool gingers....very fun

I made mannequins for everything...including a Santa one.  Very different

Ok....even Marie Antoinette needs a Christmas tree of shabby chic french ornaments.....right!

My prim stocking....with tag designs

The designs come in the print...add a little colored pencil in areas for easy

Raggedy Ann candy cane with mice quilt....she has them on her and in her pocket.

The huge candy canes are a huge hit.....much easier than it looks

Stockings, mittens , and stars for Christmas.  You get the photos.....but you could use your own family.

Candy cane for Santa

Christmas bouquet.....a prim stitchery.
These are only some of my Christmas designs.
Stay cool...think frosty thoughts!
Come to the party bunch, the pin me linky party, and thrifty thursday...many cool ideas!

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