Friday, July 4, 2014

Salt & Pepper freebie for tea

Here is the latest for the 7 week tea set freebie embroideries.....Salt and peppa.
Just click on it to see it larger...copy and save.
The other designs for the tea set are in my last several Friday post....and more will come each Friday.

My mom collected a whole plate/service set for her table at a local grocery store....each week one particular item would be on sale and then by the end of many weeks you had a nice set.
Ours had small dainty flowers and leaves....the salt and pepper above reminds me of them so much!
I inherited a 12 pieces set/service of purple Scottish father and his family came from Scotland.  I never use it but have it on display.  I just never throw a big party that is fancy.

This is my brand new pattern:
Garden tags Faux cross-stitch Pattern
It is on my etsy, patternmart, and for printed/mailed patterns....on my website!

Make a whole garden of faux cross stitch flower tags. No counting threads like regular cross stitch! It's just an embroidery stitch....very easy! Pick fabric to match the flowers or use any fabric of your choice. Great for using up scraps.

There are 12 different flower designs in - Rose, pansy, daisy, lily, tulip, marigold, petunia, geranium, violet, sunflower, sweet pea and garden.

Make three sizes of tags that can be made from fabric scraps. Large (7" x 3 3/8"),
Medium (6" x 3 1/4"), Small (5 1/8" x 2 1/4")

Doesn't this look sweet with my petunias! 
I have had this fabric forever...just waiting for a project like this.

It was super fun picking out the fabric for these....I didn't realize how many fabrics with flowers I had!

Also included is an entire alphabet in cross-stitch to make any word or phrase you like!!! Perfect for embroidering your family names, making a sampler, stitching inspiring words or phrases....etc.

An extra bonus that is included- easy paper tags of garden flower words to print.....just cut out, punch a hole in tag and add string or ribbon.

now to just keep the prairie dogs away from my petunias!

Hope you have a super Wonderful 4th of July!!!!

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