Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A little more of my studio

I took so many pics of my studio....and I felt my last post was pretty darned long....so I thought I would show some more photos of my studio.
Above is a huge hoop...for quilting.  I put retro fabric in it and made flash cards with my name and glued it on.
Makes a great booth sign...for quilt and craft shows.

Here is a mix of ribbons, paper, and artwork.  Seems like I am always needing a little string or ribbon for something....so I dig in here. 
I keep my not so cute pastes, mediums, and all in this wooden yellow box....then I can pick it all up when I need to for more desk space.

I like to fill muffin tins and loaf pans with punched out papers and bits of ephemera.

My old army file...sold wood and as heavy as a coffin (full). 
I like to keep special old magazines, paper patterns, plastic bags for selling, and business files in it.
On the left side is a table I use for my cricut.

I have had this print since I was little...the mouse card is a birthday card my mom gave me...a few years before she died....it is a treasure.

Glue gun.....oh how I love thee!
I stick my glue sticks in a gravy boat.
I always use this non stick mat under it...cleans up really easily.

I made this big mannequin bust many years ago.  She reins over my cutting table.

My Christmas ornaments fit nicely on this wire tree...great for quilt show displays.
They are going to be in a wonderful magazine....in the fall...details later.

I love this map banner....and I also love my black velvet head from a  thrift store(it was scruffy and just needed a black paint touch up job).
Sometimes I am not sure why I keep so much stuff! 
I have a thing for chenille stems/pipe cleaners.....I just love them and the endless possibilities.
I also keep a box of UFO's .....Un Finished Objects. 
I like collecting old sewing books....love the diagrams and how things have changed soooo much.

Here is a tall small drawer set....each drawer is just the right size for treasures...like pearl beads, charms, black eye beads.....etc..

This tall shelf holds my cool tag from Lynn Whipple...called a big idea....I won it!
It also has my big eyed Marie Antoinette painting.
To the top left is my pink American flag...just for fun! 
I got these little bundles by the embroidery floss at the store....I can't wait to use them...but for now they are busy being cute in this bowl!
See my post before this to see more of my studio.

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