Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Angels, pumpkins, butterflies, & kitties

Having fun with my new artwork!
I have been learning new computer programs and I am loving it.
I must confess...if I didn't know a lot all ready....I wouldn't be able to figure things our so well.
I have many family members and friends who really struggle with the is so hard to explain.
Above are my mouse inside of strawberry tags....brand new!

Tags....Little joys give us wings ...butterflies and sweet girl

Prints....I love my pink...cotton candy head

All my prints come from my original paintings

She lingers where the flowers sway....see them swaying

Girl in the Parisian flowers

My blue butterfly print
Nurture hope tags
They come in a collage download instantly and save and print

My cutest pumpkin in the patch tags...very sweet.
It is always strange working on Halloween in the spring and summer....oh well.
Gotta get things done ahead of time.
Stay cool!

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