Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A message from Lucky...

This is a message from my cat Lucky.
He is full of wisdom as you can see.

He is also that cat that runs like a bullet if your happen to sneeze.
On another note...our garden is going crazy....I have never had such a green thumb.
The blossoms are so hug and vivid! 
I have really cool gourds ...they are birdhouse type gourds....this is its blossom.

The label on the little start said cucumber.....yeah right!
Looks like pumpkins.....which is fine with me!

Here is another cucumber.....nice isn't it.
I will go somewhere else to buy starts....ha ha ha.

I guess my hubby will have to wait for next year to have home grown cucumbers!

Come to the pin me linky party , thrifty thursday, and the party bunch!

1 comment:

  1. Maybe you can find a neighbor with cucumbers than will trade produce with you. Your garden is beautiful and these photos are wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing :)