Friday, July 11, 2014

Tea creamer freebie Friday!

Hello Again!
This week's freebie is the creamer fro the tea set designs.
This is part of a seven week freebie set....several have been in previous Friday's posts...and a couple more will be in the following weeks.
Click on the image to make it larger and save.

These would make a great tablecloth, with place mats, napkins, and dishcloths.
I use a blue disappearing marker when tracing designs onto muslin. 
I also use a light box....I have instructions for a thrifty version on the left side bar on this blog.
These two tools make a huge difference in the ease of embroidery.
Come back tomorrow to see my studio. 
This is a working studio....not fancy...not made with expensive furnishings...I make do.
My studio is large...because I am lucky enough to have a building next to my house that was formerly a paint and body shop. (sounds nutty...I know).
So come back and see!

Come to the party bunch, the pin me linky party, and thrifty thursday...many cool ideas!

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