Tuesday, April 8, 2014


These are words to live by!
I love putting banners on my projects...with glitter.
Here I have some fabric flowers....made from silk and satin.
I added leaves and a sweet banner on each.
They are available in my etsy shop called Mrs. Tiddlemouse.
They come on a tag like the one picture above.

We all need some courage from time to time....
Whether it is speaking in front of people, facing a disease, or getting a new job.
I chose red flowers for this one....it just goes with red so well.
I have a good time making my mannequin wear all my brooch's....she loves it!
I sell this large mannequin pattern in my etsy shop.

Here are all five in my shop.
I also have old bottles...I fixed up with some cool labels.
I just have soooo much stuff....I need to sell my treasures before the hoarders team shows up!

I am trying to part with things....it is hard...but necessary!
I just love old bottles....wondering what was there purpose long ago.

Life is peachy
Enjoy the ride!

Come to the Party bunch and the Pin me linky party!

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