Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hippity hoppity...Easter's on its way!!!

The Easter decor is up in my house....it was hard work!
Seems like I am constantly changing it.
I wanted to share my wacky Easter items with you.
Above is an Easter bunny.....crazy big guy straight from goodwill a few years ago.
I love the corny quality.
Here is my mantle in my living room.  I am using one of my banners that is on etsy.
Decorating my mantle is always my favorite thing to decorate.
I grew up in a large house with my brother and 3 sisters....my mom would always decorate her mantle...very sparsely however.  We just didn't have all the decorations like people have now.

Here is a chenille chick I used to make for craft shows.... a very long time ago when chenille was to die for.
Here is my new "Cute Chick" pillow next to a bunny I have had for years.

The pink bunny is a cotton ball dispenser...just grab his tail and use it to take off your nail polish....so clever.  I also love the power of compassion egg and die cut chick.

This is a large bunny head....next to a large grubby carrot...fun!

I made this years ago when the movie Jerry McGuire came out.  The saying that was so popular was ...Show me the money....I made it ....show me the bunnies.
I am sooooo corny.

I painted the wooden bunny with blue egg a long time ago...when I used to scroll saw stuff.
Kids in my family have always been fascinated by the pink egg shelf...I had to glue the items in place...because each kid wanted one of these little guys.  (plus they were always falling off)

My sunny kitchen window....lots of goodies nestled here.
I have needle felted eggs...and my new bunny make do....plus a Mary Englebreit tin filled with eggs and chicks.

Here is a little sign I made from an Easter picture of my family.
There were 4 girls....I am the little one.  Next to me is Angie, Julie and then Cecilia.
My mom made us the cutest dresses.  Sometimes my mom and me had matching dresses.

This is my new postcard that I shared with you earlier as a freebie....in my wire bunny with cool prim eggs.

These are my very prim Easter eggs...very much like my pattern.
I loved adding mica flakes and moss.

These have to be one of my all time favorites....yellow chicks....not my design....but boy did I make a ton of these!

I painted the colors on this stitchery...never made it into a pattern.

Cute hallmark bunny with those crazy cheap chicks you can get at craft stores.
I thought they were sweet together.
Hope you like the little tour of the Easter decor.....
now I better get back to business!

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