Friday, April 4, 2014

Prancing poodle- freebie design

Isn't this a scream! 
I love the tonque sticking out....just like a poodle.
The feet are fun too.
Stitch this character up on a receiving blanket!
This is the beginning of my daughters spring break and my husband took it off too.
There are so many things we need to get done, but we have to sneak some fun in too!
We saw the movie "Noah" last weekend...had fun , but to me the movie was nutty. 
I am a big Russel Crowe fan!
I just LOVE him in gladiator and Les Miserables.
I really can't wait to see the sleeping beauty bad queen Maleficent movie.....with Jolie.
This is my sister Julie's favorite Disney character.
Here she is thinking naughty thoughts....
Mine was ....of course....Cinderella ( my dad would call me Cinderella Dorothy Queen....all my favorites all in one!)
Here I am with my doll Rosie.  My hair was shiny strawberry blonde. 
This is before we lost everything is a house fire....thank-you cigarettes!
Cigarettes caused our house to burn down and also took my mother's life later at age 67.
I HATE them!
I really feel sorry for people who are addicted to is soooo hard to break free.
No more sad thoughts!!!!
Tomorrow is a new day....with no mistakes in it yet!
Anne of green Gables
Come to the Pin me Linky party and The party bunch...great fun!

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