Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I am just showing you a few SCORES of mine...that happened recently. 
The first was when I went to The Washington State Quilters meeting and got these two books for ...25 cents each!  All Magazines there are 25 cents too. 

Then I won this....a door prize.  I have met Barri Sue at Quilt market....we both had a booth there.  She is soooooo sweet and nice.  I was thrilled when she said my eyes on my embroideries were so beautiful.  I have lots of her patterns and have always loved her style.
Thankfully I won a pattern I didn't have.
I give door prizes too at the meeting of my designs.
I have won lots of times.....out of hundreds of women...I'm lucky!
Here is the cute mohair baby bonnet that I got...for FREE.  I mentioned it the other day.
A nice lady gave me all kinds of goodies for free.
I am not sure if I want to keep it like it is or use it to make a small bear from a Gingermelon pattern.

This items was also free.
It kinda cracks me is so strange.
I am thinking it was a clothes line thing...with clothes pins and such.
It is very large. 
It is really old, with vintage fabrics and embroidery .....funny face!

The best part is the tiny feet....dangling from the bottom!
On another note....
I am adding some more thrifty embroidery patterns in my Thriftstitchin etsy shop.
Cute doggie

Bridal tags

Groovy goodness

Love - mom and baby

Hey there foxy

Every love story is beautiful...but ours is my favorite.
These are only $1.50
Simple and easy.
Gotta get some of this sunshine now!


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