Monday, April 14, 2014

Funny little treasures

Hey everyone...My Spring break is over.
I just wanted to show you some funny little things I bought while on shopping excursions.
Above are some fun cards...they just make me laugh ...
I love cats talking sort of baby talk....and being their snooty selves.

This is John Cleese from Monty Python....doing a silly walk.
I have loved Monty Python for many many years!
They are british and they always push the limit on everything!

I love collecting I need any more?  NO!
But I still want them.

Pearl ones with shanks!

I especially love buttons with diamond gems in them

Fancy pants!

These are so sweet....and cost 50 cents!

Who would charge only 50 cents for these?
he he he....  I'll take them!!!!

Here are vintage price tags!

What could be 3 for 5 cents?  WOW
I'll take whatever it is at that deal.

This label is for 17 cents....that cracks me up....not 15 cents...not 20 cents....but exactly 17 cents!

I love old notebooks with scribblings inside

Some farmer kept a neat log in 1959.

I always pick up fun fabric scraps
Love Halloween!
Especially when a whole bundle is 2 dollars.

Black vintage seam binding....almost full roll!

This is some fabric I just loved years ago...found some more.

Vintage different than what you can buy now.

This is super silky and and the colors are gorgeous!
There is something about getting treasures....and when they are great deals it makes it even sweeter.

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