Sunday, April 6, 2014

More from my sketchbook!

I have more to show you from my sketchbook...I love drawing these guys.
This lil girl above has put on her bunny suit...makes me think of Ralphie in a Christmas story.

I LOVE really is my favorite time of the year.
The skull candy container cracks me up.

Here is a St. Patricks day lassie.
I just drew from random real plan.

I am not the best dog drawer for some reason....but I thought this was funny.
This reminds me of my Sister Angie's dog...always licking her you can see a little tongue.

Witchy...she has poison in her pocket and a wand in one hand and a flying broomstick in the other.
a spider is in her hat brim....along for the ride.

I used to doodle on my pee chee or school folder...all the time....each one was covered.
I was sooooo bored in school.
Now I know all that doodling has been put to use....who knew I would be making art, designing patterns and sketching out embroidery designs.
I thought I would have to be a secretary (something I would have been not good at...being afraid to answer phones).
My mom was the perfect secretary....she had everything to a science.
My point never know what you will be good at and how it will effect your future.

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