Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Being in magazines

The other day...while organizing my back room of my studio...
I found one bundle of magazines.
They are magazines I have been published in....I haven't seen these in ages.
I have been in a lot of magazines.....and try to keep a copy of each....even though it takes a lot of space.
I LOVED the Country Marketplace magazine.  Now they only publish Country Sampler.
I had a project on the cover of this one.

It was my country garden chenille pillow.
I embroidered in all black embroidery floss and then painted with watered down acrylic paint.

Here I made a fun black cat Halloween mat from wool.

I loved making things with fun foam(now I think...yuck)
these were post it note holders....with magnets on the back.

I made a scarecrow necklace purse.
Again it was stitched all in black, then painted

Lil witch pouch purse

Dream heart...funny to see how things change and evolve.

Bunny lamp in a silver pail.
I made a lot of these and sold them at craft shows.

Santa claws pillow

Little pins to wear.

and a Chenille snowman.
Remember when chenille was sooooo popular?
I still have a lot of it.
Will it come back?
I'll share more of my published designs some other time.
If you have designed something yourself...take a pic and send it through an email to a favorite magazine.
It is a blast to have your project published.
Some magazines pay money for a one time publishing (yay!), give advertising, or other compensations.

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