Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Got wool scraps?

Got wool scraps?
I do!
I refuse to throw away these little gems of scrap fabric.
They are great for using up scraps.

Wool and felt have a magical quality.
I think it is the textrue and how it doesn't fray.

It is so easy to work with too.

The crazy cat pin above has been hugely popular....I think the face just makes people laugh.

Bunny cuteness.
These patterns came about when I was making hundreds to sell on ebay....way before etsy.
I thought...I can't keep making hundreds...I gotta make patterns for people to make their own.

I love the prim crow and strawberry in this one.
These are so easy to make while watching TV at night, going to a sporting event, sitting outside watching the kids....etc. fav!
These could be made into magnets or changed into needlepunch designs.

This pattern was in keepsake quilting catalog a while back.
This has always been a top seller.

I love the bunny with eggs the best.
Berries are fun to add to these...just french satisfying.

a little something for fall and Thanksgiving.
Patriotic....for Memorial day, Veteran's day, flag day, and fourth of July.

I can't forget Valentine's day...with lots of hearts.
Gather happy memories!

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