Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunny Sunday for a tabby cat

It's a super sunny Sunday!
My daffodils are looking swell!
I cut a bunch for my vases inside.

Froy decided to find me near the firepit.
I am cleaning out my back end of my studio....and found a broken basket.
Froy says....wait...don't throw this away!

Then he went to some dirt and rolled.

Feeling good!

I have five million of these in my yard!
Lucky spotted the broken basket and decided he liked it.....saying...I'm keeping this!

He stuffed himself in it.....and then later rolled in dirt too!
The life of a cat!
My other cat is hunting....Trix has killed two bunnies in the field nearby....makes me sad!
My boy cats don't bother with such nonsense.

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