Monday, February 29, 2016

Sweet floral bookmarks

Happy Leap day!!
This day only comes every four enjoy it.
I decided this day need a little gift!
I made these bookmarks and I want to share them with you!!!
**for personal only only
They look like this after downloading and printing them! 
Just cut out and add string, yarn or ribbon.
I put a tassel on this one...
All the artwork was done on Adobe illustrator...using my newest repeat pattern....wild florals. 
I covered these books for quilt market a few years ago....just old wallpaper.
The books looks so much nicer now...hahaha.

I was in desperate need for some bookmarks for some magazines I was reading and I wanted to keep my spot.  I have a bunch of bookmarks somewhere...I am always trying to organize and then I don't know what great place I put them at.
Need to know How to make a tassel?  
Here I added purple ribbon.... 
Relax and accept the of my favorite sayings right now! 
Encourage silliness....I always do!
Enjoy this unusual day!!!

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