Friday, February 5, 2016

Love flags freebie...

It's freebie 
Gotta keep my corny quota up!
I drew these little flags up the other day...thought it would make a cute stitchery.
Hope you are having a great beginning to this month!

*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still legally my designs.


I have been wanting to share with you my Valentine decor...
The house looks very girly....thank goodness my husband likes all my decorating!
This pic above has lots of cute favorites of mine~ 
I love just collecting pink and red ornaments...dirt cheap after Christmas! 
I love putting out things from the past that have meaning...old valentine messages and older crafty goodness. 
Ok....does anyone remember these designs that used to be sooo popular...wooden spoons and Terra cotta pots?  I had so much fun making these valentine elephants. 
My pink kitty holding my large flash cards.

My daughter just bought these glittery pink birds at a cool shop that remakes things. 
My old penny rug...made from wool scraps...brings back happy memories. 
I always do up this pink shelf. 
Everything is quite pink and red! 
My daughter made tons of these love bugs years darned cute. 
More ornaments...they look good in any container. 
I bought this vintage pink tree during Christmas....took off the dorky angel ornaments and added red hearts!  perfect! 
Walmart had these really cute wooden signs for a couple bucks...they sold fast! 
My is made from Sweet meadows original happy to have snagged it.
She looks very happy in my home! 
My banner....I sell the collage sheet to make these in my etsy shop.
I love putting it across my the fireplace. 
I use the long cylinder glass container to put stuff throughout the year....more ornaments right now. 
I used to be the biggest cross stitch was one of my first crafty addictions.
I made this in the 1980's!
I have made large samplers too...but some of my favorites are the smallest and simplest. 
I got put up the Charlie brown stuff...snoopy and Woodstock too! 
One of my vintage valentines I recently got...I love the Marie Antoinette look of it. 
Here is another vintage valentine...this one is really cool....a 3D one. 
I like to mix crafty stuff with hokey valentines and my white bust (this is on my piano)! 
I am a sucker for these Children's activity books. 
Waxy houses in a thrift store glass platter. 
This is a large card from those guys! 
I have tons of these super large heart boxes from my hubby....can't ever get rid of them! 
This looks so cool in photo didn't turn out.
It is a light up pink house .... willow tree that lights up and some black angels in an envelope.

Do you decorate for Valentine's day?
This year St. Patrick's day and Easter are really close to each other...which always disappoints me...for decorating
I know...I am silly!

Have a fabulous

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  1. Love all the decorations. No I don't decorate for Valentine's. Your home must look wonderful. I like all the items you sew but I'm not a sewer. I like working with paper.
    ATC's and junk journaling. I crochet. and embriodrey a little. I have fun looking at your projects.

  2. How fun - what a great way to decorate for the holiday! :) Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty