Saturday, February 13, 2016

Vintage Valentines

I got some new vintage Valentines this year...well I collect more every year....I add to it.
I thought I would share a few that caught my eye.
Above is the sweetest elephant...with the weirdest clown ever.  The nose cracks me up!

This Giraffe is cute and his neck moves.
I just love all the corny sayings and puns....they just don't make them like this anymore.
The valentines kids give to each other now are cheap pieces of paper....with funny edges and they have zero cute factor.
I love valentines with Kitties!
This one is cool because it was for teacher.
Plus the kitty is an artist...with beret and

This couple really caught my his hat is huge and reminds me of the mad hatter.
It has gold...I remember as a kid loving that gold on paper.
This one is from 1911.
I love the ornateness of this one.
On the back it says:
Dear Glen, 
I wish you was out here. 
I like school fine. 
It has 23 scholors in role.
Goodbye answer soon
They were both in Kansas.
What really gets me is how romantic the card looks....but maybe that didn't mean anything or maybe it did.
The postcard is 105 years old now.
I always wonder how things went for the two writing each other in these old letters and postcards....did they have a good life?
We will never know.

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  1. These are precious!! Love it. :) I have some vintage valentines myself, and was thinking I'd like to start an official collection... This might just have been the inspiration I needed!