Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This and that!

Good Morning!
The sun is shining here....feels great...my cat is laying in the rays...life is good!
I just wanted to show you a little 
this and that!
Above is the sweetest vintage heart chocolate box I got last weekend.  I went out with my sister,cousin and daughter.
It is crushed velvet and from the 1930's.
I also got a cute heart bling necklace! 
I want to tell you...I do not have a green thumb...most plants croak soon after I get them....but I have kept this shamrock plant alive for over a year and it is blooming again! 
This is something I am working on as part of a series....more details later! 
I had to draw a silly rabbit! 
I love drawing while watching silly tv shows I am addicted to...like the biggest loser.
This is my daughter Selina....she just did the artwork on her car's hood this weekend...
when she has an idea...she goes to town!  She is a huge Star Wars fan!
She just has a lot of artistry and courage. This was all free-hand.
She is selling her mini hoop pendant blanks through Checker distributor very soon!
She is selling wholesale.
This is her package cover. 
She also sells on Etsy.
These are her hexies! 
It comes with the bunny embroidery design pattern and a how to sheet.
Soon this large tag shape will come with the cat embroidery pattern.
And this is her five pack of mini hoops.
She also has a few other shapes....so creative! 
I keep meaning to show how a store displayed it's paint colors...
so creative and cool. 
My daughter got us some See's candy as an early Valentine present!
She is very generous!

Next  time I will share some vintage Valentines with you.
Good day!

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