Friday, February 19, 2016

Dear Irish Memories....postcard 1910

Happy Fri-yay!
This is my freebie for today....a lovely vintage St. Patrick's day postcard.
And here is the back.
I think if you click on it you can see a larger pic of it.
Can you believe it was sent over 100 years ago...1910!!

The artwork is just beautiful!
This has lots of silver all over.
Plus I love the little poem.
So sweet!
Erin go Bragh....means Ireland forever!  Also it is used to express allegiance.
I am Irish, English and mainly I always just go with all the British stuff....why not?!
But I am American through and through!!

My twins celebrated their 9th birthday this week with wet food in the morning ... a princess Leia and Han solo catnip mice set and turkey in the evening. 
Yes ...I am
Speaking of cats...this is one of my patterns...
4 seasons cats pattern
You can Make it into a wallhanging, put into an old window frame, make pillows, or lil mini-quilts. Each Finished piece measures: 4 3/4" x 5 3/4" -muslin area.
***But I really wanted to share how Jessica Breitschwerdt made up hers!!!

This is winter...



and fall! 
Didn't she do a great job!
I love them and so happy she gave me permission to share and gush over them!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your kitties! Love the kitty creations! :)