Monday, February 1, 2016


I love Hexies!!!
They are soooo popular right now!
These are my daughter Selina's hexies....the newest pendant blanks in her shop!
This is Selina, She is a senior at West valley High School.
Sweet lil bunny!  Selina sells them in her etsy shop: Selinahudsondesigns. With the purchase of these pendant blanks you get a "How-to" sheet and this cute little bunny embroidery design. This design is free!
 Of course you can stitch up your own design or fill them with pretty vintage fabric too.
They come in a pack of three. 
She cuts them herself!
I am so proud of her creativity!
I filled this one with a little drawing....I keep thinking "Love".
This is another shape she is trying out...a banner style pendant blank. 
She Also makes tag shapes in pendant blanks.
Of course she also has the mini hoops....which go with my pattern below.

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 It's happened to everyone who uses the Blogger platform.  
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