Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I know it seems way early to be working on Halloween.....but it really is not....for designing.
I love working on my surface pattern designing skills.
Above is "Autumn fields".
I love scarecrows and fall....I love the orange pumpkins.  To me the pumpkin is the big symbol of Halloween and fall...just love that time of year.
I wanted this collection....which I would love to make into make you think of Halloweens in your childhood.
Those warm rays from the autumn sky....but a chill in the air.
I want you to imagine a field of wheat....with scarecrows guarding it.
This is how the collection looks this color combo.

My scarecrow heads....

Pumpkins in the field

wheat yellow and ready for harvest.

More pumpkins

and more wheat
Here is the same collection....different colors.

I like the black alot 

sweet colors

I always wanted a white pumpkin....but I always buy orange ones.

Good contrast colors

Here is an idea of how they might look on products.
I would like them in a quilt however.
I still have to work on it....but I thought you might like to see these.

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