Friday, June 5, 2015

Betsy - the flag maker

This is an old adaptation of Betsy Ross making the flag.
Click on the pic...I think it will get larger.
I wonder of the story about the making of the flag is absolutely true?
I guess it doesn't matter...someone made it and did a darn good job of it!
Of course it is best now...with all 50 states.  
Here is crazy Froy....this is just one of my shared pictures on instagram...
please check out my page.

He waits for me outside my studio....sometimes he jumps out at me from the bushes like a masher!

These weekend is the Farm chicks show in Spokane Washington...antiques, vintage and crafted goods.
I was a vendor for three years...a few years back...thought you might want to see a few pics from my booth back then. 
I like shabby chic very much at the time. 
Everything was banners, London, Paris....

And of course Marie Antoinette.
Tomorrow...I shop til I drop!
Can't wait to see all the goodies.

**Come back tomorrow for an awesome tutorial!!!**

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  1. Thanks for the great Betsy image! Having been a flag maker for 23 yrs, I'm really fond of this one :)

  2. Very nice image. thank you.