Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ticket flower hair clip tutorial...FREEBIE!

Today I am very happy to announce that my daughter, Selina, has made a cute FREE ticket flower tutorial...
She shows how to make these cute flowers above...that are so cute with a barrette or hair clip glued to the back.
Come watch and we would love it if you share the video.
Here she is wearing one.
These are some of her amazing photo's....they are in her Peacock Gumdrop Etsy shop.
I love our Bleeding heart...I planted it near my favorite kitty who passed away a few years back.  Her name was Sally.
This barn she took while driving to Leavenworth....a German style city.
This photo was printed in a magazine......she was very thrilled about that!
Alot of these have won blue ribbons at our state fair.
This is Selina last year.....she is also very good at sports.
She loves duck tape....these are rings....she has made backpacks, pens, wallets...and more.
She made collages from her photography too.
It gives a nice idea of what she likes to take.
She has made many duck tape dresses
She paints alot....this is Katy Perry on brown paper.
Her paper dress won lots of awards at the state fair.
Selina holding a frame....I am extremely proud of my lil lady!
Thanks for coming by today!!!

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  1. She is very talented! Love her photos and the cool stuff she makes with duct tape!