Monday, June 1, 2015

Sum sum summertime

I think it is truly summertime now!
I can't wait to jump into my sister's pool...go camping....go to Seattle (lil visit), and all.
The warm weather has really hit us early.
I just created some summertime images in illustrator. 
There are 14 different png clip art as shown above...each are separate in their own file. The backgrounds are transparent. These are high quality files.
There is a bunny in patriotic bathing suit, summer banner, anchor, toy boat, ice cream cone, Popsicle, smiling sun, margarita, lime, strawberry, lifesaver, star, shell, & starfish. 

Here I put some of the images over this picture of my cat trix.
For a great free photo editor go to Pixlr
I love how she looks like she is holding the ice cream cone.
I caught her falling asleep in the tree...she was playing so hard with her was hilarious. 
I love the summer banner...I can't stop using it! 
Here is an old pic of my sister Julie on the left, my dog sugar, and me.
I added shells, a boat and the summer banner.
I couldn't resist one mock orange tree with a summer banner.
Never regret the things you do,
only the things you didn't

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